Additional Training Materials

  • Entrepreneurial soft skills for the future: a scoping study

    From crowdfunding platforms to e-commerce, and from global supply chains to the gig economy, new opportunities are opening up for young entrepreneurs. Equipping young people with the skills they need to thrive in today’s digital economy and in the future should be a priority for us all.

  • Farmers Training Entrepreneurship Manual

    This training is for farmers building businesses. The focus of the training is on the skills to build successful and sustainable entrepreneurial ventures. The training will present basic business skills to start and maintain a business, it is aimed at helping you to manage business and approach your enterprise with confidence and enthusiasm.

  • Entrepreneurship skills

    The focus of this document is on helping you to understand what are the different values and attitudes of an entrepreneur which makes them successful. This course will explain the basics with a lot of examples and group practise on the following:
    – values and attitudes of a successful entrepreneur;
    – how to think like an entrepreneur;
    – a business cycle, from starting to growing the business.

  • Women’s Entrepreneurship 2020/21: Thriving Through Crisis

    This report highlights how women entrepreneurs have shown themselves to be strong and resilient in the face of the crisis and chaos produced by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to this research, many women entrepreneurs managed to turn the new business context to their advantage.

  • How to Build Self-confidence

    This article explains what self-confidence is and why it matters. We’ll explore how to believe in yourself and how to project this belief to others, so that you can be more effective and happier in your life and work.

  • How to Build Self-confidence – TEDx Talks

    It’s possible to change your life by changing your perspective on the perceived obstacle. CeCe Olisa is a Lifestyle Blogger and Co-Founder of the CURVYcon, a convention celebrating body positivity and plus size fashion during New York Fashion Week. 

  • Self-esteem, Self-assessment and Self-awareness (Ladies First! Project)

    Ladies First! Project aims to empower trainers and counselors to support women, in order to gain the necessary stability in-between working and personal life, especially in the framework of crisis. This Unit of Competence aims at helping trainers to support women on how to raise awareness of themselves, so they can better know their skills and how to link them with their career experiences or objectives.

  • Self-awareness & Emotional Regulation (Ladies First! Project)

    This activity aims to demonstrate self-awareness, how leisure influences emotions, and how to cope with emotional conflicts.

  • The Ultimate Green Business Guide

    A guide is for any starting green entrepreneur and is intended to provide a basic overview of how you can create a strong business plan + downloadable templates! Learn about starting a green business and learn about the green economy.

  • How to Write a Business Plan

    Learn from a successful female entrepreneur who started with nothing and built herself up. In this video are six essential pages every business plan should have in just 12 minutes!

  • Building a Sustainable Business

    A guide to assist with the creation of a full business plan, rooted firmly in personal, community, economic and environmental values. This is for rural entrepreneurs wanting to create a sustainable business with written tasks and examples throughout!

  • How to create a CV

    Standing out in the world of work is essential to find a job with a perfect CV. In this document you will find a number of trends that should be included in your CV and some tips that will make your CV shine.

  • Balance between work life and family life 

    What is work life balance? Why are we discussing work life balance? This document presents the challenges of work life balance of women in EU and some practical advices for employers and workplace.

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